no more warm southern nights “the frost is on the pumpkin” fall colors paint Picassos if you squint your eyes just right the dirt of the midwest casts a wholesome smell autumn gasps it’s final breath before winter the ice, snow, and slush will surely follow yuk Advertisements

the last leaf before winter

I watched the last leaf fall from the old maple tree. Coincidentally I might be the last to fall from and older generation. The tree most probably will spring back to life before winters last snow. My progeny will bloom after my last winter and so on and so on.


The following is my letter to Senator Rob Portman of Ohio. Federal Estate Taxes were enacted to pay for wars we fight. The wars are fought to protect the American way of life and to protect the assets of the wealthiest of citizens. Wars and our Military Industrial Complex support Wall Street. Our government has…

I Really Like Ike

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I must admit that I’m an Eisenhower Republican. By today’s standards that makes me a Progressive Democrat. “I like Ike” was the campaign slogan. Take a look at Ike’s accomplishments and rethink where you stand. Dwight D. Eisenhower: Domestic Affairs—Miller Center The Miller Center is a nonpartisan affiliate of the University…

balls up

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Jump Play Live By Roberto de La Jolla “All I wanna do is have a little fun before I die” …. and we did. So sang Sheryl Crow back in the last millennium. She and her entourage didn’t think that this would be the song that defined the album. Albums are…

Today: Self Image

When I look into the mirror, I see dark brown hair adorning my head. However, when my barber shaves my locks all that falls to the floor is the color gray. I must have a good barber.

dr wu stuff

Dr Wu Lyrics Katy tried, I was halfway crucified I was on the other side of no tomorrow You walked in and my life began again Just when I’d spent the last piaster I could borrow All night long, we would sing that stupid song And every word we sang, I knew was true Are…


(TANGIER, Va.) — The mayor of the tiny Chesapeake Bay island community of Tangier says President Donald Trump called him after seeing a news report about the threat the village faces from sea-level rise and its strong support for him in November. Trump called James “Ooker” Eskridge, the mayor of Tangier, Virginia, after CNN reported… via…

Wow … from another comet

Björk has released a second video for her Vulnicura track “Notget.” The first was made to be a virtual reality experience, as part of Björk Digital — the artist’s touring VR exhibit of music videos from her 2015 album tracing the dissolution of her 13-year romantic partnership with Matthew Barney, maker of attractively styled, distended…

#covfefe Beware the sky is falling

Trump just released the nuclear launch code on twitter #covfefe; put your head between your knees kiss yo sweetbutt goodbye ow.ly/A44o30cbH7B

Federal Estate Taxes are the best taxes

Write your Senators and Representatives. Stop the GOP budget that is designed to defund Social Security, Medicare and the ACA among other standards. Federal Estate Taxes were enacted to pay for wars we fight. The wars are fought to protect the American way of life and to protect the assets of the wealthiest of citizens….