Lovely Rita the meter maid

Having lived within an earshot of the famous Ohio State Shoe I’ve seen 8,356 cars towed and thousands of parking tickets distributed. The mean old Rita the meter maid has generated over $100,000 for the City of Columbus, her employer. She takes advantage of the student body and it’s about time someone exposes the campus…

Rachael Maddow is the Rhodes Scholar

Rachael Maddow is the Rhodes Scholar “ Watching President Obama deliver his second inaugural address, I was reminded once again that elections really do have consequences. Four years ago at the same location, Obama invested a fair amount of time in making the case for an improved political process — one in which policymakers “proclaim an end to…

Wallace Peck the main man

my room is bare, i carry no possessions, when i pack up and leave, i will pack up nothing, attached to nothing and nothing is what i will become, isn’t that a special thought?


His heart gave out, gave out, gave out, and stopped. Way too soon for all of us. Fear has crept into our remaining lives. Each beat of our hearts has become more precious. A dark ship has fired a cannon ball across our bow. Our journeys routes have to change – we must scatter.


She watches their every move from her perch in the warmth of the sun. If only she could fly. The birds can fly but at what price? Last night the temperatures pushed the zero mark. I don’t think the flyers slept well last night. Imagine clinging to a branch surviving the frost of a way…