#covfefe Beware the sky is falling

Trump just released the nuclear launch code on twitter #covfefe; put your head between your knees kiss yo sweetbutt goodbye ow.ly/A44o30cbH7B Advertisements

Federal Estate Taxes are the best taxes

Write your Senators and Representatives. Stop the GOP budget that is designed to defund Social Security, Medicare and the ACA among other standards. Federal Estate Taxes were enacted to pay for wars we fight. The wars are fought to protect the American way of life and to protect the assets of the wealthiest of citizens….


rain short poem but the truth for it’s own sake

He’s Back

We can’t let W. off the hook for anything. He refused to accept the intel about the terrorism threat of 9/11/2001. He took the earliest and longest vacation down in Texas and told all of his advisors “Do Not Disturb”. He then attacked the wrong country trying to “one up” his father that refused to…

The US House of Representatives

The House represents the United Billionaires and land barons of the USA and Russia that want to De-fund Education, the best postal service in the World, Social Security, Healthcare, Federal Highways, Meals on Wheels and the rest …. in the name of the Constitution (so help me God) They want to line their pockets with…