The Solution to National Healthcare

Letter to one of my overpaid and underworked Senators.

A member of the do nothing Senate.

You should consider writing your elected officials today.

Do you know who to write?


Greetings Senator Portman,
Please don’t be mislead by your advisors regarding the ACA and the remedies. I sold, consulted, and administered healthcare plans throughout Ohio since 1970. I majored in Risk Management and Insurance at the Ohio State University.
My first group insurance plan that I sold was a comprehensive major medical. It cost $39 per family per month. I sold rate increases every year and sometimes twice a year; 30% to over 100% hikes were common. We did not cover pre-existing conditions and children were dropped on their 19 birthday. Maternity benefits were capped at $800 maximum and that included the Doctors and Hospital.
I didn’t like delivering bad news to my valued customers every year. I tried to understand why all hell broke out in our medical delivery system. By the 1980’s I realized that the Insurance companies and executives were just raking the system and people were generally in poor health.
I started self insuring more risks and I provided excellent benefits for less. I fought Medicare but came to realize that it was the best way to provide benefits for the worst insurable risks. You and the Senate can call National Health Care anything you want but the rise in costs is not attributed to the ACA. If you want some input from a retired Healthcare Insurance Executive give me a call. You may not like the answers but there is a solution.
You probably know the answer but partisan politics prohibits the resolution to the healthcare conundrum.
J. R. Roemer, CLU
Columbus, Ohio


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