It costs $10,000 to have a baby in Ohio. Obamacare is not the problem just a symptom of a critical problem ….

moneyfor-nothingphoto (1)The USA spends almost 20% of the GNP on healthcare. It costs $10,000 to have a baby in Ohio. The USA medical delivery system is ranked 25th in the world right behind Romania…. Health Care …. It’s all about the money grab.

2 footnotes ….. you wouldn’t read them if they were at the bottom.

  1. The infant mortality rate in Ohio is 46th out of 50 States (horrible)
  2. letter to a living breathing thinking Doctor ….. There is not a pill for every ill? I could cut healthcare insurance premiums in half if I didn’t have to insure sick people. The cost of healthcare will continue to skyrocket until we eliminate insurance companies from the equation. Big Healthcare Ins. companies operate like casinos. It’s all about money and they skim 20% off the top. I believe CEOs and the upper echelon of the Medical Delivery System are grossly overpaid. I have butted heads with Hospital heads that buy equipment that they never use. Two floors of a NWO hospital were filled with unused equipment and they kept on expanding . The Board of Directors of many Hospital Corporations are filled with “milk toast” and “rubber stampers”. My prescription is outing the Insurance companies and enforcing strict wage and price controls. ….. Except family doctors and nurse practitioners that make house calls.

Hospitals are too big too expensive …. Most Drugs don’t work or are harmful to your health ….. except the ones I take. Too many doctors are cutting off the wrong leg …. in other words we need tort reform to protect them and reduce their liability insurance. We need to stop watch’n the boob tube and devices.

I promoted positive healthcare initiatives in Ohio long before it was popular. The highly overpaid President of Toledo Hospital told me to my face after I made a presentation for quality healthy lifestyles “Mr LaJollaBob we are in the sickness business not the health business”. Everything we buy is taxed 20% by the medical delivery system … unless you shop at Walmart or buy a foreign car.

part 2 …

I worked for the largest  >

healthcare finance companies in the world; Aetna, CIGNA, Prudential, Medical Mutual and the rest. The sooner they are out of the healthcare casino business the better. They are the fuel to the problem not the solution.

#Obamacare is just a step in the right direction towards true national healthcare. Our medical delivery system is the problem. We need strong measures and I would not rule out wage and price reductions. The USA spends 20% of the GNP on healthcare. It costs $10,000 to have a baby in Ohio. The USA medical delivery system is ranked 25th in the world right behind Romania…. Health Care …. It’s all about the money grab.

rough draft …. work in progress

Letters from my friends …..

uneducated comment  #1
Obamacare is falling in on itself. Free markets work and it’s true for healthcare. We don’t need the Feds telling us who can or cannot receive treatment. Look how the government takes care of our veterans. Single payer is socialism, comrade.
Answer: The Federal Highway System is socialism get over it. I know how the medical care deliver system works from 20 years of working with the largest financial companies in the world. Healthcare for profit doesn’t work. Hospital are not healthy places to visit. My doctor made house calls. Today we are processed in facilities that cover neighborhoods and multiple city blocks.
The first healthcare plan that I sold cost $13 per person $39 per family. I sold double digit rate increases year after year. My record was 77%. Obamacare is a step in the right direction. The next step is eliminating the financial middle men that rake 20% off the top. Year after year and that compound interest adds up fast. We need strict financial constraints because we can not compete globally. It has to happen and the gravy train is going to come to a screeching halt. The hospital administrators and profiteers have offshore tax shelters.  Stay healthy my friend. This election will pass.
Part #3

The Money Hungry Health Care Machine …. work in progress

I have to confess I was a health insurance agent for 20+ years; very professional, concerned, philosophical and too honest. As a third generation insurance agent I specialized in employee benefits because that’s where my family agency needed help. My first assignment even before I graduated from “The Ohio State University” (majoring in insurance and risk management) was the BIA Health Care Trust. The Building Industry Association formed a trust to pool all of the members to provide better rates and better coverage. It was a success as rates for an individual were $13.00 per single per month and $39.00 per family. Major Medical Maximums went as high as $50,000, $250,000, and then unlimited as the years progressed. The big medical industry went cha-ching and the greedy went on a spending spree.

The way we pay and finance the medical delivery system will determine it’s behavior and cost. A strong national health care program will reduce the need for millions of unnecessary surgeries, hospital stays, and the over medication of Rx Drugs. I personally delivered rate increases to my clients every year and sometimes twice a year. Double digit inflation on health care premiums was and is standard. My personal rate increase record was 142% in one year.  The up, up, up, and away movement of the cost graph has momentum that will not stop by the mere announcement of the Affordable Health Care Act.  To blame the new program before it even starts is big mistake. Once we run the insurance companies and executives out of the equation, cost will level out and they may decrease. We should implement a wage and price freeze for the hospitals, clinics, and labs.

We need to motivate the public to become health aware. We have become a sedentary society. We need to stop eating fast foods. The drive through this and that must have a moratorium.  More to come stay tuned.

Alternate Ending 4

Who’s throwing our money away? The Insurance Industry …. THE BIG CRAP SHOOT
unitedhealthcareThe Affordable Healthcare Act is doing what it is intended to do.
The Obamacare is just an interim step to ONE PLAN ONE PAYER. The sooner we get Insurance companies out of the healthcare equation the better. The only reason they were involved in the first place was to acquire their support in passing the stepping stone legislation. The Insurance industry “the Big Crap Shoot” operates on the premise of 20% off the top; the bigger the flow of cash the better.
For years Big Crap Shoot threw gasoline into the fires of our Medical Delivery System by rewarding the big bosses financial rewards for throwing our money away. They have too much of our income and assets.
* my previous post follows below
There are still too many incentives for poor healthcare initiatives. Too many prescriptions that do more harm than good. Too many expensive prescriptions and procedures done for the almighty dollar.
I’d like to see financial penalties for those who don’t take care of their own health and force the system to pay for their abuses.

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