MLB finally decides that flying bats are lethal

12 years later and thousands of injuries later …

Wow MLB is finally gonna protect the fans in the stands
my correspondence with Athletic Business follows

they printed my concerned editorial in 2003

and it follows

Think about the number of baseballs that fly into
the stands at 90 mph. The worst projectile is the
bat ….. Millionaire athletes throwing their bats
…. and for what ….. so they don’t strike out.

As a risk manager I don’t know why a fan in the
stands has not been killed or worse. Killing a fan
is less expensive than messing them up for the
rest of their life.

Put the MLB on notice and do some good for some of
your advertisers. Hell you might save some poor
bastards* life.

On Wednesday, March 26, 2003 2:18 PM, Andy Cohen <> wrote:

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