class warfare

Growing up in Toledo, Ohio I was privileged. My parents were lucky they had great Moms and Dads of the  Western European sperm type that included talent, curiosity, athleticism and good looks. [good writers drop the sperm word early to grab attention]

I was lucky to be alive because my father Wellington dodged the bullets of WW II, the Swine Flu Epidemic and a tragic plane crash that left him barely alive and humbling disabled.  This all came down years before I was conceived with the aforementioned lucky sperm. [two hooks are better than one] I have often hypothesized that my father’s disability made my gifted life possible. I also must include an assist by my millionaire Great  Uncle Albion who gave the fruits of his industrial empire to the “Tree of Vermont”. Had he given Dud Wellington large sums millions back in 1939 my dad would have been having too much fun to conceive a clan of eight kids. My mother Margaret Eleanor would have been too common to marry …. thanks Albion.

Me, Bobby, was lucky as well having been born with a clever brain and educated by 50’s TV and in a small elite but public school. I can still visualize in my brain watching the movie short Hemo the Magnificent in 5th grade on the 3rd floor of my school’s AV theater. [ 2nd seat row 2]

2 b cont.







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