Tree Huggers Lament

The tree stands in the glory of the poem so loverly. ohio rock

I knew it was out of place when it sprouted in the front yard with all of it’s feng shui.

It was lodge in between the driveway in the garden next to the winding way to the front door.

“It’s an ornamental apple or cherry” I chuckled as if I was some sort of botanist. Some bird ate the mother fruit and when sitting on the long branch of the silver maple a big bang gave life to the little guy. “Just give it a year in the sun and we can deal with it later”; I plead my case to the boss lady.

That was seven years ago and he’s looking beautiful. I changed my story a few times during it’s short history. My best effort was that it was a valuable tri-colored beech and it increased the value of the property by five grand. But alas it was only one blend of deep purple and green. The biggest problems was that it made drivers of cars think before they barreled down the steep grade of the driveway. “You see it’s kind of like a speed bump or a passive safety device”, I spun my defense.

The little guy is about five feet tall and I’ve pruned the branches so they don’t scrape cars. If drivers didn’t think and parked their cars next to it …. sometimes my tree got in the way. Everyone wants to just cut it down to make their lives easier and thoughtless. That’s the problem with people they don’t want to think. Just cut it down and throw it away …… our lives just float away.

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  1. My mother has a stump in the middle of her driveway from a previous owner who did not appreciate the fun of a) risk every time you back up b) beautiful trees.

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