Jaxball Invitational

Jaxball Invitational   Leave a comment

Because of your outstanding personality and your ability to have fun, regardless the score, or your opponents attitude 

You are invited to attend the Jaxball International 16” Beach Tournament

Recommend a date in the future. 

Interesting to note there are no gloves, no base running, no umpires, but on the other hand there is a distinct ocean breeze, free sun screen, bikinis, beer, and the pitcher is on your team and he wants you to hit the cover off the ball. (he or she wants to buy you a pitcher)

Jaxball was adapted from the wonderfully famous “Over the Line” San Diego phenomena merged with the original Chicago softball game invented in 1887. You can Google the games but take our word it’s much more fun than three strikes you’re out.

If you like the concept of fun on the beach and you think you might be able to hit the broadside of the barn … then sign up for ALMOST FREE FUN. You will become a charter member if you can sign up a few of you friends, you maybe eligible for free housing and a night on the city lights of Jacksonville, Florida.

If you don’t think you can play, you can volunteer, be a statistician, videographer, greeter, or committee member. You also can win valuable prizes like an official T-shirt when you play Bikini Beach Blanket Bingo at the inaugural banquet. You might even design the T-Shirt. You could be the director of the documentary. There are a lot of opportunities to have fun and meet new and interesting people.


This is our Beta Test

DROP ME AN EMAIL  ohiozetapdt@yahoo.com


La Jolla Bob and the Invitational Committee






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