Local Man Powers Lob-Ball Team to Opening Night Victory

beer, ball and beach …. you are invited to Jax’s 5’s beach 16″ ball …. balls up … jump play live … saltar jugar bieber

Beaver Tales

Embrun, Ontario

In a courageous display of grace and calm under both pressure and the influence, local man Steve Barnes led his lob-ball team, The Drunken Dis-Orderlies, to an opening night victory at Sommers Field last night.

Showing incredible batting prowess and lung capacity, Barnes rocked both pitches and bongs throughout the evening, all the while maintaining the presence of a cold, refreshing beer in his right hand.

His teammates – who also work with Barnes as orderlies at St. Vincent Hospital – and opponents alike marveled at Barnes’ ability to actually play far better when completely off his ass.

“Stevie is a strange one,” mused Joe Lawrence, first baseman for The Dis-Orderlies. “I mean, sober and straight, he’s actually a pretty terrible lob-ball player, ya know? But get the guy a buzz, or better yet, get him right fucked up, and all the sudden we’ve got Miggy-freakin-Cabrera out there.”

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