The Bed and Breakfast

I was standing in line at the Portsmouth Ramada Inn waiting to check my reservation. Surprise surprise, just like that old Seinfeld episode they took my reservation but they didn’t hold the reservation. Plan B, the clerk called the B&B up the Ohio River and got me a suite at the Riverside Bed and Breakfast.  My travels have changed from that day forward. Some haven’t been the best like the Old Victorian next to the railroad line. Fast freights zoomed by at a frightening pace with a haunting Rhino stampede horn. The good vibration shook the building to the third floor and the food …… totally blank.

The Guest House in Chillicothe, Ohio had one of the more interesting cocktail hours with conspiracy theories and ghost stories that were found in the back yard. I have found that the B&B is a great adventure in travel especially if your client wants a fully rested you. Or you can stay at a brand name express inn.  

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