My First Frat Party

Since the advent of John Belushi’s Animal House the abbreviation “FRAT” has become the abreviation for Fraternity. Let me say loud and clear that my best friends, my best buddies, and my comrades are not FRAT Brothers. We are members of a secret esoteric society. We will not help each other bury a dead body but we might help you seek counseling and hook you up with Johnnie Cochran or Alan Dershowitz.  Recently the Arizona State chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon has been permanently banished from the State’s institution. First and foremost I must say “If you can’t go Greek go TKE”. The TKE’s are a FRAT and ASU is part of a racist State of spoiled brats; let them rot in “Sun Devil’s Hell”.

Read this just in from Huffington Post.

az govWhen  I was just a lad of ten years old I went to my first fraternity rush party. I probably drank keg brew because my Dad owned stock in Buckeye Brewing Company and my Great Grandfather owned a brewery that was burned down by the Temperance movement. We didn’t think that beer was an evil taboo when I was a kid. Beer was just was an option in my home. Soda-Pop was always the first drink to go, followed by good old homogenized type “D” milk, juice, and water. Sometimes all we had to drink was beer. So when I got to college drink’n beer was not that special. Going to bars wasn’t that special either because I hated paying for one beer the same price  I could purchase a six pack at the corner drug store.

What the hell was I talking about? My first fraternity rush party back in 1958. Yes, I was only ten but my oldest brother was 19 and he invited his “Brothers in the Bond” up to the cottage on Lake Erie. The purpose was brotherhood and to look at new prospective members for the up coming year. The cottage was near the end of the peninsula on the western end of the “Great Lake”. It was the ideal spot for an annual bash on the beach for the next decade. What started as a one day BBQ grew into a one week celebration of friendship, water skiing, cruises, football, and up to 17 kegs of beer buried in the sand with a ton of ice. My Dad roasted a side of beef in the sand pit filled with driftwood and charcoal. The old cast iron kettle cooked bushels of the best sweet corn grown in the rich soil of the great black swamp.

The advance team of brothers showed up the weekend before to set the party up. The clean up crew stayed a few days extra to make sure the beach was cleaned up and the kegs were returned. They were always emptied.

The police never show up that I can remember. I’m sure we pissed off a few neighbors but my next door buddy joined the esoteric society that enjoined life with the help and society of our fellow men. Our diverse group of about 100 came from all corners of Ohio. Millersburg, Pomeroy, Bryan, Edon, Eaton, Euclid, Franklin, Geauga, Portsmouth, Lima, Sandusky, Port Clinton, and the big cities Cleveland, Akron, Dayton, Toledo, Youngstown, Cincinnati, and the capital Columbus. (sure I missed a few)

TBC CHECK IN FOR EDITS of my first fraternity party summary and rush event


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