Chief Wahoo is dead we killed him

The Cleveland Indians are playing the last home game of the regular season today; it’s late September. If they win the rest of the games they are in the playoffs. I’ll be driving to the Jake (the former name of the of the stadium at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario), in Cleveland, Ohio.


The Tribe wins the last ten games and makes the playoffs for the first time since 2007. I’ve been following the Tribe since the 50′s. The throw-back teams that included Minnie Minosa, Chico Carresquel, Tito Francona, Rockie Colavito, Larry Doby and others who only had to play 154 games per year; back when players made $15,000 a season and sold cars in the off-season.

The baseball team made the playoffs but the Indians lost. The name “Cleveland Indians” insults those in Ohio that understand the history of the Cuyahoga Valley. Genocide. We massacred the race. We ran the tribes out of the state in the dead of winter. Instead of using gas chambers it is rumored that our Government dispensed small pox infected blankets. Like the Nazis, we exterminated the unwanted natives. I support the movement to change the team’s name to the Cleveland Blues, Rocks, Sliders or the original name, the Cleveland Spiders.

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