i fell off my bike twice when i was a little kid. well …. i fell off my bike more than twice but twice i must have hit my head just right and didn’t wake up for a while. both times i woke up and that is a good thing because now i have 4 grown children and 4 grandchildren. Back to the trauma; i woke up in the living room even though my bicycle accidents were up the hill a ways. I don’t know how i got home but my mother was there by my side crying and seemed relieved when i came to conscientiousness. Now my youngest grand son has a new bike and i’m concerned. He does alot of the things i did as a child but i didn’t ride until I was eight years old. Riding a bike is the most dangerous thing a child does based on data compiled by the bureau of hazardous statistics. So mothers and father don’t force your kids on bikes too soon and don’t let them drink out of the toilet or play with hand grenades.

ps. one of the after effects of my poor bicycle riding is poor punctuation and spell’n

The following video is beautiful …. try to follow.


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