The Money Hungry Health Care Machine …. work in progress

moneyfor-nothingI have to confess I was a health insurance agent for 20+ years; very professional, concerned, philosophical and too honest. As a third generation insurance agent I specialized in employee benefits because that’s where my family agency needed help. My first assignment even before I graduated from “The Ohio State University” (majoring in insurance and risk management) was the BIA Health Care Trust. The Building Industry Association formed a trust to pool all of the members to provide better rates and better coverage. It was a success as rates for an individual were $13.00 per single per month and $39.00 per family. Major Medical Maximums went as high as $50,000, $250,000, and then unlimited as the years progressed. The big medical industry went cha-ching and the greedy went on a spending spree.

The way we pay and finance the medical delivery system will determine it’s behavior and cost. A strong national health care program will reduce the need for millions of unnecessary surgeries, hospital stays, and the over medication of Rx Drugs. I personally delivered rate increases to my clients every year and sometimes twice a year. Double digit inflation on health care premiums was and is standard. My personal rate increase record was 142% in one year.  The up, up, up, and away movement of the cost graph has momentum that will not stop by the mere announcement of the Affordable Health Care Act.  To blame the new program before it even starts is big mistake. Once we run the insurance companies and executives out of the equation, cost will level out and they may decrease. We should implement a wage and price freeze for the hospitals, clinics, and labs.

We need to motivate the public to become health aware. We have become a sedentary society. We need to stop eating fast foods. The drive through this and that must have a moratorium.  More to come stay tuned.


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