Walking about at dusk on the outskirts of town I discovered a buried treasure.


Don’t get too excited I’m not going share  any of this booty with you …. other than the

pleasure it gives me.


It really wasn’t buried in the sense that it was underground and there wasn’t a pirates map.


But is was buried under coats of thick brown paint. The previous owner must have been moving on a budget and discarded the junk they couldn’t fit in the trunk or truck.


The aforementioned paint must have made the previous owner blind to the intrinsic value of the wood that it was cloaking.


 The craftsmanship of the wood working was obvious to me.


The dovetail joints of the four inner storage units told me someone had invested time and skill into this antique.


Very few humanoids alive could manufacture such a treasure.




I quickly hurried home and grasped my bungee cords and a helper to hoist the wood creation on to the top of my Chevy.


Precariously balance on the top of my car we drove back to the workshop at slower than senior citizen speed.


Upon further review the next morning my hunch was rewarded.


Applying a soy based paint dissolving solution to the coats of paint worked wonders.


Scraping and sanding the remnants of a bygone era revealed solid hardwood not used by many in this age of cheap, cheaper, cheapest, or China.


Poly-urethane applied to old wood work is a miracle.


The craftsman that built this gem would be very proud if he were still alive. This antique


piece of Americana has new life.


My thoughts wandered to the first family that owned my renewed piece of historic love. 


With a little research I pinpointed the designer and that it was probably built before the Great Depression. (not to be confused with the Bush-Reagan Depression).


What conversations did this old dresser overhear through the decades?


What wars were fought, who’s blue jeans or dungarees did the drawers protect? How many tears fell on the old surface.  


Who covers beauty with the dull, brown paint?  


The revitalized chest was given to a new family and the story of this noble, old dresser enters a new chapter as an ersatz changing table!


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