some where out in Nebraska


The junior circuit professional baseball team from Cleveland was suffering another slump.

One half game out of the wild card playoff standings they found themselves down 3 runs to Kansas City.

Our favorite Lake Erie baseball team lost to the desperate sluggers 7 to 1 the previous night.

And then the hero of the game drove the ball deep to right field for a f’n fantastic triple.

He stood huffing on 3rd base and the pride of the Buckeyes, Nick Swisher,  drove him home to tie the score 3 up with 6 outs remaining.

And what to my wondering eyes did appear in the top of number 9? The same hero, #24, our newest hero.

Michael Bourn blasted a home run into Nebraska or whatever state resides out in right field.

The crowd wasn’t going wild as they realized it was another coffin in their once promising season of 2013.

Believeland’s favorite closer #420 smoked the Royals out 1-2-3 in the ninth … BALL GAME. See you in Tampa.


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