all i want to do before i die

“All I want to do is have a little fun before I die” sang Sheryl Crow back in the last millennium. She and her entourage didn’t think that this would be the song that defined the album. Albums are what they called projects back in the day. I was on the way to gulp down strong coffee at Sufficient Grounds, the coffee shop that preceded Starbucks back in my hometown. I heard Crow’s refrain once and pulled the car to the curb because I new I was listening to something that would leave a mark on popular culture in transition.
I was blown away and wrote the name on the back of an envelope and continued on my route for caffeine. Three mugs of coffee and I turned my ships sails to the west and in about three miles I arrived at work.
“Right Now” I’m supposed to write about 500 years into the future and I’m up to the task. No one can write about the future unless they kinda understand the past. “History was my best subject” I would tell my kids. Today we are 12 years from the date the ex-President G.W. Bush let over 100 Saudis fly free from the US of A the day after of 9/11/2001. Not one Saudi was interrogated by the CIA or the FBI. They just got on the planes with their personal possessions and boogied un-harassed back to the Middle East; Mission Accomplished.
But I digress, I was talking about leaving my mark 500 years into the future …. impossible. 500 years ago in Ohio there were nomadic tribe that we call Native Americans. Christo Columbus discovered the West Indies and thought he was in India so he called them Indians and the name stuck. They even call my favorite baseball team the Indians but that was only 100 years ago. Maybe my Tribe will win the World Series in 500 years ….. nah not a chance.
My most important mark has already been bulldozed and paved into a parking lot. I really love Joni Mitchell. Now there is a writer and performer that may make it to the future thanks to the internet. If our civilization is still around in 500 years; “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.”
“What was I talking about?” Now that’s a line from Tarantino’s first film, first scene, that might be around in 500 years if some asteroid doesn’t totally blow our planet away. Now we have clouds that can save data in outer space. What if Armageddon happens and the only thing that is saved are a couple hundred satellites filled with popular culture from here and hither. Of course they will save Billy Shakespeare’s complete works and Billy Idol, Billy the Kid, Billy Bob Thornton, but will they save anything I did, say, or write?
Tune in next week and we might see. Where is that envelope? ​I’ve gotta get a cup of coffee. 

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