Columbus Ohio Slogan Contest Drink Beer

Columbus, Ohio Win Win Win slogan contest
Anyone of one hundred college students could do better than the following.
I started a David Letterman “Top Ten” skit and it got raunchy and jaded. 
These came off the top of my head. You can do better. 
Please post your best recommendations below. (win beer & be famous)
The picture is All-American QB, Gaylord “Pete” Stinchcomb
1. O-H da da da 
2. Christopher’s real name was Colon ….. “who’s your daddy”
3. Giant town of many Universities
4. Eat the Fat
5. The Native Americans are gone … let’s party
6. We won you lost … let’s burn one
7. Drink and eat till you puke.
8. Who cares … I think we won
9. The city that stops the glaciers.
10. Have sex with Michigan

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