Queen for the Day

The kids were driving me crazy. The woman was driving me crazy. So I picked up the old trophy dated 1956 that my fraternity brothers absconded in a raid many years ago. On the trophy it was engraved Makio Queen Eva Strauss, Ohio State University. I shouted “this trophy will be polished and re-engraved with the child’s name that wins the 2.62 mini marathon.”

At this point I had to explain that the first marathon was 26.2 miles and the first runner died after he delivered that warning on the plains of Marathon Greece. The kids shut up immediately and the parents were impressed. The chubby little girl said I’m going to win and where will my name go as she grabbed the two handled trophy.

Little brother listen intently although he tried to acted cool to the challenge. “Can we run today?” even though it was snowing. The race shall be held on the 4th of July every year. The kid that wins the mini marathon will have his or her named engraved on the old trophy. If one wins three times they will be able to keep the trophy forever. Unless Queen Makio finds out and destroys our fun.


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