A Bevy of Bombycilla in Buckeyeville

High atop the bluff upon the Olentangy meadow, home of my Alma Mater, is where I sip my morning coffee. The veranda is framed by two serviceberry bushes. The berries of the Amelanchier Arborea were my well kept secret until last spring.  The tasty little berries run under the radar of most humanoids. Picking, eating, and freezing the berries was my spring thing. The berries could get you high enough to dance naked if you put them in a vodka martini.
Last spring someone harvested the majority of my personal stash. Vodka is so common without this little treat. This spring I caught the thieves red handed. It was the damned Bombycilla Cedrorum better know as the Cedar Waxwing. Certainly I jest, as this majestic bird was the early bird that ate my prize. Proportionally speaking, this little bird can swallow a berry as big as a delicious apple if it was as big as you.
As a certifiable tree hugger I’ve become a bird watcher. Birds help spread the forests. It’s a symbiotic relationship. At one time not so long ago, before our forefathers raped the Ohio valley of it’s majestic woods. The Ohio forest was so dense that squirrels could cross the state in the trees and never touch the ground. Our forgotten forest was the largest deciduous outcropping on the planet.
I will pick the remaining berries when ripe if any are spared. The Cedar Waxwing does this funking dance and mating ritual as they kiss and pass the berries back and forth beak to beak and belly to belly. It’s a sexy little gyration that you should try to add excitement to your life.
Questions that remain to be answered included. Why do the birds stay in Ohio? Are we making the environment better? Is Ohio the best that still remains? How did the Cedar Waxwing evolve with a paint job of mustard yellow, with tips of black, red, and bright yellow? Stay tuned and enjoy nature while you can before plastic will replace everything.

Check out this controversial Columbus bird watching hot spot. It’s in the news. http://bit.ly/aais4p

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  1. I am enjoying your blog, didn’t know you were such a birder.

    1. my Grandmother wrote this in the 1920’s ….. the picture is the DB Governor of Arizona


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