The Amazing Dog Diverter

I’m really into the green recycling mode. My good friend throws stuff away. One of the to be discarded items that I saved to use another way, was a plastic rod shoe shelf. A peculiar apparatus  made with ten pieces of plastic standing two foot tall and three feet wide.

I’m always looking for a secondary use for things. That’s when Moby the Black Labrador gave me some insight. Moby likes to go where he should not and especially when there is food around. In a moment of genius I placed the “Dog Diverter” in the door jam and Moby screeched to a halt. He could have knocked it down or gracfully jumped the light weight determent. No, Moby was spooked by the “Amazing Dog Diverter” and stop dead in his tracks.

I didn’t pay too much attention until dinner and he was still frozen in his tracks. This perked my scientific curiosity and I tried the same experiment on Decker, the good friends trusty Yellow Lab. Decker, the swinehund, reacted the same and passed the food test on the near by dinning room table. Then Daisy the bigger, faster, yellow was offered the same acid test.

What sweet surprise the “Amazing Dog Diverter” was born to save dog owners around the world.

Soon was established with slick advertising prowess. (not a real website) Twitter accounts praised the life style benefits of the “Amazing Dog Diverter”.  Slogans were developed like “Dog Diverter Changed My Life” and “Never Let Fido Ruin Your Family Meal Again”.  Buy the “Amazing Dog Diverter” and for this limited time offer you can purchase two for $29.99 and we will throw in free shipping and handling.  (just kidding but it works for these three dogs)  What a deal.

Now I’m helping America back on it’s feet as I’m an entrepenuer. I’m an American Hero. (not really but you have my permission to run for it) Bow Wow Whoa Yipee Yeah.

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