million bazillion

Banned by Facebook

This just in … the following blog post was banned by Facebook.

I xxxx you not! Must be the line from My Fair Lady that I quoted.

And now the article as written.

The bottom line is a million gazillion.

President Obama has twice placed a moratorium on new deep water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

I agree it makes sense even though it creates hardship for the Gulf rim economy. To those who are struggling with life without oil jobs, it must seem life threatening.

Jacob Bronowski,  author of the Accent of Man and the BBC series by the same name, proposed this theory. To paraphrase … man makes giant steps when threaten by dilemmas. If they don’t move forward or ascend they are lesser men. Easy for me to say I live in Columbus, Ohio.

Moratoriums, now that’s a great concept. I have a few recommendations of my own to our President; whom I believe is a compassionate man with his head screwed on in the right direction. Nothing against the oil guy with his head screwed upside down that got us into this fine mess.

My Moratorium !

All communities in their jurisdictions should cease and desist building new drive through businesses. This includes but it’s not limited to drive through banks, restaurants, booze stores, crazed emporiums, gun and fireworks establishments, but not drive thru doctor’s offices.

I tried to calculate the amount of energy wasted as we line up our internal combustion machines. There are more intelligent persons that could come up with a better formula but this must suffice until that happens.

The bottom line is a million gazillion.

We have a serious air quality problem, a serious morbidity problem related to lack of exercise, then there is the energy crisis, don’t forget the lack of infrastructure, and maybe a human interaction crisis. Don’t forget about the brain washing factor which comes from listening to too much talk radio, bad rap, pop, and hiccup; I mean hip hop.  I think people do more harm when tuning out and listening to anything on radio with the exceptions of baseball, NPR, and bluegrass.

In short I must defer to the line of Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady.

“Move your bloody ass”. Get out of your car …. hell don’t drive your car.

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