“Bruschetta Wars”

With permission of “The Peanut Butter Kid”.
I’m not trying to sound too kwel but my Papa recently won the “Bruschetta Wars”. I’m telling y’all that I had to have someone look it up for me on Wikipedia and their explanation follows below.

There were no casualties in the “Bruschetta Wars” and that’s a good thing. A few cooks got their feelings hurt but who’s counting tears? In short, bruschetta is a piece of toast with Italiano stuff on top. I guess you could make peanut butter and jelly bruschetta but that might be a stretch.
Now let me tell you how my papa won the contest. He used special peanut based pesto. Pesto is made of basil, garlic, olive oil, spices, hot stuff, what have you. Generally, pesto recipes call for pine nuts. Pine nuts are expensive and papa replaced pine nuts with Georgia peanuts. That saves about $5.00 per batch.

The actually recipe is a family secret and I can not divulge the whole thing as this bruschetta war is serious stuff. Have fun experimenting with your favorite ingredients. My families pesto is made the old fashion way. Chopping and chopping and chopping on a cutting board. No fancy smanshie food processor will do. The texture is crunchy and the basil is solid not mush. It’s hard to tell the peanut chunks from the garlic.

Did I mention that this dish is healthy as well as tasty?
So, try it and I hope you like it. Let me know how it worked for you. Eat well and live long.

down on the farm
The Peanut Butter Kid


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