New and Improved Baba Goose Noush

It’s about time we rethink the preferred status of
….. the Canada goose. We must protect all of our borders.

When I was a kid growing up on Lake Erie in the 1950s and ’60s, we very seldom saw the big bird. Then, like overnight, the nasty honkers took control of the planet.

What changed? Maybe it started when we stopped using DDT. Or was it global warming? Could the use of the designated hitter in the American League be the cause? President George W. Bush was not responsible for nutt’n.

Whatever, we must stop these big flying poop machines from polluting our beaches, sliming the sidewalks and changing the direction of golf balls and larger projectiles.

The stubborn beasts have caused hundreds of auto accidents and the big fat bird hit almost took the lives of 150 passengers on US Airways Flight 1549.

Let’s winnow the Canada goose population. I’m sure McDonald’s could fry and spice them up. How about moo goo goose pan or baba goose noush?

Let’s feed them to the starving children of the Third World or turn them into dog food.

“I’m loving it”.


Letter T0: Senator_Brown@Brown.Senate.Gov




We have lost it inOhio.


Our beautiful rivers and lakes are polluted by Big Farmers and Chemical companies.


I recently visited my favorite destinations onLakeEireand the water quality was terrible. I lived on the lake for 25 years and I’ve never seen it so filthy. The water color is crap brown.


Yes, it has rained a lot this year but it has also rained in Canada and their rivers and lakes are pristine.


Ontariois full of farmers who do not pollute the water they drink and bathe. I was struck by the beauty of the Canadian farms and barns. The buildings were for the most part ready for the tour of beautiful farms.

It seems Canadian farmers are not motivated by the chemical companies that grab highest yields at high environmental cost.


I drove to the top of the Bruce Peninsula along Lake Huron and the water was two colors; crystal and blue. The huge farms hugged the coast line without ill effect.

There were zero dead fish cluttering the beaches. My trip was dotted with 200+ wind generators. Do they know something about clean energy that we don’t?

I saw one tiny electric generating wind mill along the USA highways from Port Huron to Columbus.


The one thing they don’t have in Ontario that we have in Ohio is millions of crapping Canada Geese.


J. Robert Roemer

Innovation and Strategic Growth Consultant




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