Yellow Springs

My car was running reliable. A fun spontaneous road trip was in order so I filled it up with anything but BP and started my discovery tour …….with Lola from Chicago.
Having heard good things regarding Caesar’s Creek State Park we packed up my trusty Ohio built Cobalt and headed south on Interstate 71. The creek was dammed up back in 1970 to create a local fishing hole and camp destination. We hiked two trails around the lake and the woods were filled with an excellent variety of trees and plant life. We didn’t mind the faint hint of winter weather as we had the trails to ourselves. Lola listen to all my babbling about beech, hickory, paw-paw,  tulip trees, trillium and May apples. She keeps my body warm with laughter and hugs. Why not? I’m a card carrying and certifiable tree hugger.
We were hungry for a taste of Waynesville. After a few educational wrong turns on the edge of Appalachia we crossed the covered bridge and discovered this historic town. Waynesville is a garage sale on steroids filled with antique stores selling Batman collectibles, Nazi memorabilia,  (one store) and depression glass. The Big W is much better than Walmart. We bought a couple of books for $5 bucks and a nifty piece of art for $7.50. So much for stimulating the local economy, we skipped the questionable gourmet coffee shop and the grub. Waynesville needs better food and a blue-grass store with live entertainment.
Taking the road less traveled to our next objective we listened to the best of Little Walter in my car. State Route 42 is one of the best scenic routes in Ohio from Lake Erie and the Ohio River.  Little Walter is the best blues harmonica man who ever lived. We headed west and hooked up with State Route 48 the home of Centerville and the Dorthy Lane Market.


The DLM as the locals call it is a gourmet market. We bought authentic cheddar cheese from England and Italian olive oil spiked in California. We sipped some coffee and Chia Tea and we headed back to C-bus via Yellow Springs and the secret Clifton Gorge. (don’t tell anybody)

Yellow Springs is filled with quaint shops , boutiques, pizzerias, wine stores, one screen theater, and hippies young and old. Antioch College is taking an extended break and the University is expanding. The nickname for the college teams is the radicals. I hear they once had a regional semifinal table tennis doubles team. YS has a great life style and it’s close to Columbus, Dayton, and Springfield. The Clifton Gorge is a spectacular secret nature preserve and even closer to C-bus.

My choice is definitely Yellow Springs but I’m told Waynesville will be hosting an Indian massacre re-enactment complete with war paint, bow, and arrows. It’s your choice; we live in a free country.

Thank you Mad Anthony.

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